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hor*e, 50 ghats of kaijltam and 120 ghats of
elephants, and 300,000 kaijiiam foot both old
and titnv, 500,000 amaranaydkain foot, the war with the Mussal-
nians is not a serious matter."
tfoiut- oi the councillors, said : i; We will win victory by
our courage and the grace of Laksmi as well as the help of
Pi'uvideucc. It is said :—
4* Where v» r e'^ncX' is, theiv -VrMls Lak>rni; wherever i> Laksini, there
irf llari : wherever Hurl is iheu- 5.- *lfair?H'i ; and wherever is dharma*
thrie is victory ".
ki tiu courage is the most impoitaut of all. Your Majesty is
a man of courage, and every eaterprise which Your Majesty
undertakes is bouud to be successful. The elephants, horses,
and foot-soldiers are not the cause (of victory). It is only
with the help of God that one can rule the kingdoms and the
islands (in the sea*). Formerly the Six Emperors ruled the
Seven Islands remaining in their respective places by means of
the discus of their command ajnacakra). (Similarly) the
Sixteen Kings ruled the earth later. In the same manner, Your
Majesty gets the assistance of God Venkatesvara/?
The Raya having heard this, said to Appaji and other
ministers ; " Make arrangements so as to ensure the success of
our future enterprise/7 Then he inquired whether the spies
brought letters and (other) documents.
Rayai&£akamt pp. 51-54.
(Then the Raya) summoned to his presence (the following)
yyana Malaka ('Ain-uI-Bf ulk),
Ankusa Khaiu
Rana Jagadev.
Timroappa Nayaka (the mtister-master).
Raeuri Rami Nayadu.
Pemuaasani Ramalinga N
Ha^Ae Malla Rao,
BSyi Ruma^pa.